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All Thijs Linssen his life he has been fascinated by the fine line between fiction and the ‘real’ and especially where the two meet. This fine line where you question everything that you see. In Linssen’s work, he searches for this boundary and tries to questions it. Where he first was more focused on the technical visual effect he now starts to implement personal experiences as a source of inspiration. This can be as simple as a walk in the park or a nice sunset.

His latest work ‘Suspended Nature’ consists of a video-animation of a nature scenery. Inspired by taking long walks in the nature parks near Arnhem Linssen started to 3D scan pieces of nature. The work is about the calming effect that nature can have but also about the digital realm of nature. The 3D scans are very rough and look like sculptural pieces with plant textures but also has a Disney feel to it.

Linssen is also interested in the Hyperreal and about images and memories that aren’t directly based on reality but claim that they are. The image is slowly replacing the depicted to the point that there is no more original. Linssen likes to refer to movies because he sees them as an ultimate Hyperreal. Film is a form of fiction we easily accept as truth. We only become aware when we see something that is beyond something that is just absurd. Linssen likes to work with this tension and the thin boundary where the real and the fiction start to lose their intrinsic values.


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IJssellaan 69-2
6826 DJ Arnhem

Mob. 06-28572923


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